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Teresa Snider Global Mastermind Leader

January 26, 2020

My passion is being a Global Mastermind Leader. It allows me to work with like-minded people with a good heart and soul. We collaborate on a variety of business ideas and help the group as a whole to solve the current concerns or problems they are facing.

I worked for Interim Healthcare for four years. The company was adding home hospice to their already successful home health division and needed someone with compassion, knowledge and a wide variety of contacts in the medical community. I have helped change the perception of home hospice and demonstrated to medical professionals, families and patients the benefits of hospice for those in need.

While I worked at Pfizer, I completed many levels of professional training, launched several new products, served as a guest trainer for new hires, mentored many new hires and college students completing an internship, etc. I have won several sales awards, been a team leader at a local and area level and initiated new ideas and concepts at sales meetings.

My goal is to look for opportunities in the ever-changing job market.

Specialties: I am known amongst fellow sales respresentatives for my creativity. 

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