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April 1, 2019

I am a father, husband, man, author, speaker, 7th grade Math teacher, high school baseball coach, and founder of Purpose Infused Coaching

Purpose Infused Coaching's mission is to help schools, administrators, teachers, and men find/enhance their purpose and to infuse that purpose into everything they do. 

I help schools, administrators, and teachers evolve into the new age of education by helping them to define their purpose so that they can effectively and efficiently provide the best learning environment for students to own themselves, love their story, and live with purpose. 

I help men who are in life saying "this isn't what it was supposed to be" define their purpose so that they can wake up every day with excitement and the energy to live the life they were meant to live.

Follow all of the Everyday Leaders, Subscribe to this podcast, join my website and sign up for personal development leadership classes and coaching at www.everydayleaders.com  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to hear from Everyday Leaders all over the world and how we together are "Changing the World"

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