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EP60 Everyday Leaders 50in50 Rob Howze_ Life & Business Strategist

March 23, 2019

♥️ Rob Howze is an Empowerment Artist.

♥️ Empowering people to achieve their fullest potential.

🔶 Using AI technology to enhance human behavior and strengthen workflow performance is a passion of mine.

We are currently in the Mindfulness era 🧠 and the Information Age 💻 📲

Which means NOW is the time 🕰 and our opportunity to get the RIGHT INFORMATION into the MINDS of the people to improve the quality of life on this planet 🌎


In 2007 I founded a 501c3 youth centered organization called World Wide Community, for the benefit of school aged children to experience various sports, athletic and academic challenges, in a positive & empowering environment.✨☀️✨
In 2010 I expanded the vision with “Camp Fit”, a program/reality show designed to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic by encouraging and helping develop our youth in the areas of mind, body, and spirit. Camp Fit is currently on DirecTV, Comcast and several other digital platforms reaching over 200 million homes🏡 world wide 🌏

⭐️My mission is to help develop billions of healthy wealthy human doings by empowering people with the knowledge and tools that help lead them to living healthier more prosperous lives.

"Fulfillment Formula" Philosophy
⭐️Self Reflection-Course Correction-&-Humility⭐️

✅Now accepting speaking engagements for:
Corporate Wellness, Small Businesses, Youth Empowerment, Non Profits, Holistic Wellness, Podcast & Ministries

451 degrees creates fire🔥
450 degrees does not👎🏽

You are only 1 degree away from setting your life and business on FIRE🔥

🔥The Future is what you do Today🔥
⭐️So do something today that will impact your Tomorrow⭐️ 

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