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Justin Breen Epic Business

November 8, 2020

Justin Breen the Founder/CEO of BrEpic and the Author of ‘Epic Business.’

“Epic Business” reveals 30 secrets I learned from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and how I applied them to building his company. This list of 30 things I’ve learned was built over my years as an entrepreneur and was originally meant for a social media post to inspire others. But so many high-level folks told me it should be a book – and others even printed out the list and brought it to our meetings as a surprise – that I knew it was much bigger than just a conversation starter on LinkedIn and Face book.

“With the help of countless others and using these 30 tips, I have built an international business working with some of the most amazing visionary people in the world. All I want is for others to achieve this kind of success – and have this kind of incredible joy in their lives.”

“For those who are entrepreneurs or hopeful entrepreneurs, I’m going to go into great detail of the exhilarating, excruciating, deflating, inspirational, mind-blowing, you-can-jump-out-of-a-plane ride that this life has to offer. I am holding nothing back … because followings see the highs but most don’t understand the lows.”

Justin Breen’s amazing book is available on Amazon .


— Published on June 25, 2020

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