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John Shibley Last In Line Leadership

December 20, 2020

John Shibley 

John has worked in Sales and Sales Management for over 25 years and has served in church leadership within men’s ministry for the last 15 years.  Throughout that time, he has also been involved in creating various curriculum for men’s leadership and discipleship.  He has developed spiritual and leadership accountability programs such as 516 and, most recently, Last In Line Leadership. 


He released his first book in August called Last In Line Leadership: A Pathway to Purpose & Destiny Defined.  His book offers a unique perspective on servant leadership; reminding us that we all have gifts and abilities for influencing and blessing others. 

These resources that John has created have been instrumental in providing real life application, empowerment and accountability for leaders who desire to become stronger in their faith.  He also has a You Tube channel under Last In Line Leadership where he interviews weekly guests on topics of faith, leadership and empowering perspective for equipping others to walk in their purpose.  John has a beautiful wife of 25 years and four amazing children.  He has helped coach his three son’s competitive baseball teams over the last 10 years and currently serves on the advisory board for his son’s homeschool baseball academy.  He is also on the Board of Directors for a non-profit called Fixed Focus where he serves as Secretary.  John encourages others to ‘Trust God, Lead Courageously and Walk In Purpose’.


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