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Everyday Leaders Tisha Marie Pelletier

November 29, 2020

Tisha Marie Pelletier



Dubbed the “authentic girl with a touch of badass,” Tisha Marie Pelletier brings her infectious energy every time through her storytelling and powerful tips on and offline.

She has served as an emcee and speaker on numerous stages as well as on her platform hosting the Success over Struggle™ live panel and podcast.

In addition to professional speaking, Tisha is the Chief Experience Officer of Tisha Marie Enterprises, a personal brand builder, founder of Social Connect PHX, business mentor, author and mama of two. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than helping and seeing individuals launch their brilliant ideas and go for it! 




Chief Experience Officer, Tisha Marie Enterprises, LLC


Tisha Marie Pelletier

Chief Experience Officer, Tisha Marie Enterprises, LLC

480.570.2615 | tisha@tishamariepelletier.com

tishamarie.com | Skype: @tisha.m.pelletier

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