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October 25, 2020

Kelly Owens is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and is certified as a coach, speaker and trainer.  Additionally, she is a certified DISC consultant helping teams and businesses with understanding their personality and communication styles to promote enhanced performance as a team and in sales.  

As the owner of Revealed Potential Coaching and Consulting, LLC, Kelly’s focus is on helping each person reveal the unlocked potential deep within and in helping organizations create a pathway for leadership development for their team members.  She is able to help leaders understand the members of their teams better through a variety of tools and assessments she can provide. 

Using her Master’s degree in management with a concentration in nonprofit leadership, along with personal experience, Kelly enjoys helping startup and small nonprofits develop and increase their capacity to carry out their mission.  Previously, she was a director for a Habitat for Humanity affiliate and later served on their board of directors as a member of the executive team.  Additionally, her past experience allowed her the opportunity to be the Clinical Director at a nonprofit alcohol and drug treatment center that had a residential model.  Her time as an alcohol and drug counselor was an invaluable experience in connecting with others and coming alongside each person as he or she began their journey of sobriety.  That same ability to connect and come alongside a person in the coaching relationship creates a safe place for clients to share ideas, explore options and test those out by putting them in to action.  

Kelly currently is a Purchasing and Procurement Manager in the automotive industry leading a team that serves a large supply chain network that supports 16 car models produced at two U.S.  auto plants.  She and her team work to increase customer satisfaction and protect brand image.  As a Certified Supply Chain Professional and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, she looks for ways to enhance the performance of the supply chain and develop the skills of her team.  

Kelly has learned how to embrace the challenges life has thrown at her with a mindset for growth.  She believes if you have to “go through it” you might as well “grow through it”.   Her latest challenge has now become the foundation for a book and a course to help others.  Stay tuned for more information as things develop further!  Connect with Kelly at her website www.revealedpotential.com or by email at kelly@revealedpotential.com.  


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Melahni is a passionate professional and personal development leadership coach, trainer and keynote speaker and has been certified through John Maxwell since March 2017.   John's book the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth have been the biggest influence in Melahni's personal growth journey and helped her to realize the power of her own story, the value of influence in the world and the steps to create a legacy in the world. She believes that everyone has a story to share and that by changing your beliefs you can change the world.

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