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E71 Everyday Leaders Lynne Brown Gritty Women Podcast

June 8, 2019

Executive Director John Maxwell Team



When you find the "why", the how appears.
The answer lies within; however, often times, you can't see the picture because you are to close to the frame.

As an Empowerment Mentoring Coach, I can offer keynote speaking,seminars and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through practical application of the Empowerment Mentoring proven methods.

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Working together, we can move you, your team or organization in the desired direction for success and significance matters. Connecting matters. Self-leadership strengthens teams, culture and drives results.

Finding common ground lays a strong foundation for measurable growth.

Connectors create experiences everyone enjoys.
What people know, see and feel will greatly determine their level of motivation and inspiration.

If you could change one thing in your organization or personally, what would it be?

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