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July 11, 2020

Joanna Bloor believes that it’s time for us humans to rethink how we take on the modern working world. The what, where, when, and how of work is changing, a shift that technology and business have embraced yet people haven’t. 

Joanna’s on a mission to help us prepare for the big leap into the working future. To identify and articulate our human value and our place in the next chapter of the working world. And while we’re at it, have a great time in the process.

“Imagine our careers were more like an adventure than a climb?”

A perpetual adventurer and self-described “startup junkie,” Joanna spent her early career scaling and building brands like Ticketmaster, Cars.com, OpenTable, and Pandora. Known for building teams, infrastructure, and revenue strategies through their moments of accelerating growth and rapid change, Joanna did so in environments where there were no rulebooks, no career paths, no precedents of how things “should” be done. Joanna’s a veteran of playing in the undefined future.

Then life threw a surprise at her, and she found herself at the beginning of a new adventure. The new journey led to a fateful conversation in line at the TED 2016 Conference that planted the idea for everything you see today and the idea that every one of you IS awesome and “that we just need to tell everyone else.”


“Joanna shines a light on long-forgotten ingredients that make up our secret sauce, reminding us that we’re not awesome by accident.” — Cristina Jones, EVP Trailblazer Marketing Salesforce.com

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